What is a menu?

It is, quite literally, a list of proposals to wet your appetite and to feed you but also things to enjoy and take pleasure in!

It is known that artists love good food and that in the history of art many “greats,” in exchange for food, offered wonderful sketches or drawings to inn managers.

For this, Filippo gave them a wall; one that is clearly visible from every part of the room. In which the chosen artist will draw, sculpt or design their interpretation of food, nourishment or quite simply, the menu at each solstice. When the time is up, as the season changes, another guest artist will face the wall that will have been repainted and ready to go the day before.

Have no fear in case you missed one. There’s a video on display on the opposite wall of the room (the black wall) that will display the work of art that preceded the current one.

Wall Drawing #1

31 | 3 > 20 | 6
The goat can walk into the temple
by Girolamo Ciulla

Wall Drawing #2

21 | 6 > 21 | 9
by Mikayel Ohanjanyan

*The Wall Drawing is artistic work performed directly on the wall. An act that started 64,000 years ago in order to represent nature in a sophisticated way.

An idea from two of Filippos oldest friends.

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Via p. E. Barsanti 45
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